Have fun and creating a culture

Practices and games should be fun – when the game stops being fun, players tend not to play as well and both coaches and players may get frustrated and eventually leave the game.

Focus should be on long-term player development, not winning games

Especially at the younger ages Coaches' ultimate focus should be on long-term player and child development and not short-term goals. Coaches will be educated use age appropriate games and activities during practices. Winning is still very important and winning as a by-product of playing soccer the right way is key to success.

At the younger ages encourage players to play various positions. This will help with their overall development as soccer players in a player centered approach for development.

Develop the best practices and educate the players using “The Fire Way”

Utilization of “The Fire Way” as the club curriculum and keeping the coaching staff as up to date as possible with modern methods of coaching.

Executive Director
Assistant Director
Trevian Director
Girls U8 Blue
Boys U10 Blue, Boys U11 Blue, Boys U11 White
Girls U9 White, Girls U11 White, Boys U8 White, Boys U10 White
Girls U10 White, Girls U9 Green
Girls U11 Green, Boys U8 Green, Boys U10 Red
Girls U8 White
Girls U9 Blue