Trevian Soccer Club

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Trevian Soccer Club?

            Trevian Soccer Club is a non-for-profit soccer organization dedicated to providing an environment that fosters a passion for soccer.  By building a sense of teamwork, confidence, fitness, and individual skills, players in the TSC will achieve success both on and off the field.


What age groups does the club offer?

            The club is split into two branches based on age groups—the Trevian side of our club offers age groups from Under 8 to Under 12 for both boys and girls.  FC United is the older branch of our club, and it offers teams from the Under 13 to Under 18 age groups.


How are teams selected?  Do current Trevian players get preference for placement in next year’s teams?

            Teams are selected at tryouts, which are held in late May and early June.  Current Trevian players do not receive preference for placement on next year’s teams, but rather teams are selected based on a player’s skill level, which is evaluated at tryouts by the Trevian Tryout Committee.


When do Trevian teams play?  How much travel is involved?

            Our program is split into three seasons—fall, winter, and spring.  For fall and spring seasons, Trevian teams will practice twice a week.  Practice schedules are set about a month before each season, but spring practices are usually held at the same time as your fall practices.  Teams will play ten and eight league games per season, respectively.  Boys usually play on Saturdays while girls’ games are usually held on Sundays.  Additionally, all teams will play in at least one tournament in the fall, and depending on which team your child is placed, some teams will compete in other tournaments as well.  For the winter season, Trevian teams will practice once a week and play games in one of our in-house leagues.


Who coaches Trevian teams?

            All Trevian coaches are paid, professional coaches who hold USSF (United States Soccer Federation) and/or NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America) licenses.  The coaches are experienced in coaching younger players, and many have playing experience at the collegiate, semi-professional, and professional levels.  Coaches are hired by the club following an extensive interview process that includes contacting references and background checks.  The coaching staff is supervised and evaluated by the Executive Director and Director of the Trevians.


What does the cost include?

Club fees include the following: Field fees, indoor costs, coaches, administrative fees, insurance costs, two practices a week for outdoor and one practice a week for indoor, outdoor league registration, game referees, and one tournament per year.